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His Highness' Address to the Community


After the Court delivered its historic Judgment in favour of His Highness, the Imam of nearly 15 million Ismailis addressed tens of thousands of His followers residing in USA, Canada, England and Kenya by means of a highly honoured form of communication known as talika, a written address. This talika was read in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Kenya and translated from English to French, Gujarati and Persian languages. The talika reiterated that His Highness is the sole Plaintiff in the lawsuit against Nagib Tajdin (NT), Alnaz Jiwa (AJ) and all who have assisted NT in infringing His Highness' copyright. His Highness asserted that the allegations of fraud which have been fabricated by Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin are "unfounded". For the past 27 MONTHS, Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin continue to maintain that His Highness' talika was allegedly forged an impostor-imam.


One of the fanatical puppets of AJ and NT is Mahebub Alam Chatur who resides in London, England. In August of 2011, Chatur's activities and slanders were exposed in a mini Report entitled "Harassing Ismailis - A New Radical Comes out of the Closet - Mahebub Chatur aka “Bloglaw" .  Some of the excerpts read:


"Another fanatic emerges from the shadows.  Mahebub Alam Chatur of London (England) – a man with a questionable history – recently wrote two highly offensive letters to Mawlana Hazar Imam. Chatur had the audacity to attempt to educate and advise the Imam regarding Imamat rights, responsibilities & matters pertaining to the Imam's lawsuit against Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa.  Let me repeat that.  Chatur is a shameless radical who is attempting to lecture the Imam about His rights and responsibilities about a legal undertaking.  The Imam did not respond to any of the letters. Chatur's repulsive letters are being publicly displayed on his good friend's (Nagib Tajdin) propaganda machine, a website called (Heritage)."


"Chatur has also engaged in a campaign of harassing and badgering eminent leaders in person, through official letters, and via his (almost definitely) cyberspace alias, named “Bloglaw”." 


"Like a pathological stalker, Chatur isn't content with only harassing one person.  Initially posing as a genuine friend of Institutional leaders, Chatur ended up depicting them as traitors, thus insulting the Imam's institution."


"Nagib Tajdin told the court that this  talika  was "another forged document". Chatur who claims of having read all the legal documents and 2000 comments failed to read the most important and sacred document: TALIKA. "


"In the eyes of a loyal murid, a talika is above any earthly document or a verdict. The con artist Chatur tells the leaders that he was deprived from listening to this talika as he was "not in Jamat Khana" on that particular day because he was travelling! This sacred talika was read from 20th Jan. 2011 till 1st week of Feb. in all Jamatkhanas of the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and Kenya in English and subsequently translated in three languages French, Gujarati and Persian."


"I should emphasize that this sacred  talika was and continues to be available for any murid to read. But Mahebub Alam Chatur could not find time to read this most important and sacred document for nearly 7 MONTHS!  Yet, this imbecile has the audacity to lecture the Imam on His rights and responsibilities with respect to the legal undertaking. The fact of the matter is that Chatur's allegiance to the cult of NAGIBISM is so powerful that Chatur will surrender only to the dictates of cult leader Nagib Tajdin. Today, after 7 months' silence; Chatur broke his fast of silence not as Chatur but as Bloglaw! Through a miserly confession, Bloglaw asserted that the talika was not a talika from the Imam but it was most likely an "announcement" from eminent leaders who pretend to be the IMAM."


Source: Harassing Ismailis: A New Radical comes out of the Closet - Mahebub Chatur aka BLOGLAW  


On Sept. 22, 2011: For the first time, Nagib Tajdin clearly suggested to the Court that his financer Mahebub Chatur was convinced that His Highness' solicitors, law firms and Institutional leaders were allegedly orchestratring a fraud on Court of Canada. This explained why Chatur never gave any importance to His Highness' Talika or legal documents of His Highness. That Chatur continues to serve as an ultra fanatical puppet of Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin is beyond any doubt. (source: NT's affidavit sworn on Sept, 16, 2011). 

Mahebub Chatur's (Bloglaw's) Attack on Imamat


After lecturing the Imam in in his offensive letter, Mahebub Chaur under the fake name of bloglaw publicly asserted on NT's website that His Highness' talika was forged by Dr. Vazir Shafik Sachedina & Institutional leaders who are appointed by His Highness. In essence, Chatur's attack is on IMAMAT. The same Chatur (bloglaw) has suggested that His Highness should abandon his Imamat's prerogative and allow election of Institutional leaders! Nagib Tajdin (umed librarian) ridiculed by saying that these "rogues" (appointed by His Highness) would corrupt the election ballot; Alnaz Jiwa labelled them as current arch-devils!


Mahebub Chatur's Devilish Propaganda

"The Talika/announcement by SS and Co [Shafik Sachedina & Institutional leaders] says the following. Remember SS was handing this out before it was announced [...]. - Nagib Tajdin's,May 20, 2012


"If SS, MM and AB [Shafik Sachedina, Mohamed Manji & Aziz Bhaloo] were the top leaders during the Fatimid era, what would they have done to Nagib, Alnaz and anyone who disagrees with them let alone who dares to ask them for Farmans? They would disregard and bypass NCAB, ICAB & institutional Policies. [...] Maybe this lawsuit is partly to make us realise what we need to do. May be soon we will have a new constitution [...] with new top leaders or who are maybe elected (Dai la lama did as the way forward for them). [...] Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of a new reality!" - Nagib Tajdin's, February 9, 2012



Some Extracts of Evil Propaganda

Nagib Tajdin [librarian umed) wrote:


[...] DJI Department of Jamati Affairs that SS has created to usurp the powers of the Imam [His Highness] [...] Imam Mustansir Billah knew that his Prime Minister was trying to usurp his powers. He could have fired him. He did not do that. What he did is that 4 years before the betrayal, Imam had already succeeded in preparing an exit strategy for that betrayal day. His Dai's had secure[d] Alamut and this is where the following Imams went, leaving the population with the crooked minister and his own son. How can Imam ask someone to step out of head of an institution that does not exist except in the imagination of SS and of the jamat. [...] - Nagib Tajdin's, March 3rd, 2012



Nagib Tajdin wrote on Alnaz Jiwa's ilm-net:



This is a small underground mafia acting against the Jamat [Community] and against the Imam [His Highness] since few years already. Few people know about them. Being in the information business, I do have some info :-) They are infiltrating the Security committees at the Didar hall and divert their aims from protecting the Imam [His Highness] and the Jamat and from searching for identities and weapons to searching for tapes and cameras - This small `mafia has built links with the Toronto gang of which some members might even not suspect the real aim of the mafia. I believe their ultimate goal is to hurt the Imam, possibly to attempt on the safety of the Imam. If this happens, God forbid, they will need a person on which to put the blame and divert the attention. Guess who they intend to blame?


PS: Those who read French comics, you know about Iznogoud, the Vazir who wanted for years and years to become Calife in place of the Calife? And you remember how his plots always failed? Well the gangs contact employee at Aiglemont in Higher Sphere isnt even a Vazir :-)- Alnaz Jiwa's Ilm-net July 20th 1998



Nagib Tajdin [librarian umed) wrote:  



[...] Maybe there is more to this case then copyright issues, maybe something that we small people can not even think of. That would be of the real of imagination I guess... but how long will it be before the situation unfold. [...] The important issue is why is there an attempt to portray the Imam as a money-hungry revengeful and blood thirsty person suing his followers for sharing his Farmans within the community, a negative depiction which we can see in the course of the lawsuit, especially after the Harrington judgment? [...] The Imam has had many enemies [...] the reason been that they all wanted to get hold of the holy money. [...]" - Nagib Tajdin's, January 15th, 2012



"[T]he lawsuit is only a smoke screen, a tip of the iceberg. The real thing is too big for anyone to believe. Once the final results of the team's findings will be compiled, we will make it open to all. The reason MM wanted this web site closed is not because of the comments on the lawsuit, it is for what is behind this." - Nagib Tajdin's, May 20, 2012


Mahebub Chatur (bloglaw) responded:



"I agree that this is a tip of the iceberg and Shafik Sachefina and Company should be under no doubt that there are more and more who are gathering more information , and those who have will be releasing it and this includes other lobbies , media, and even those who are giving them support to SS and Co. " - Nagib Tajdin's, May 20, 2012"[...]



Nagib Tajdin [librarian umed) wrote: 



"And all the fraudsters will be taken to task. [...] People of the Truth have always been a minority. Being part of the majority of those who may be against Alnaz [Jiwa] or Nagib [Tajdin] does not guaranty them that they are on the Path of Truth." ." - Nagib Tajdin's, August 22, 2011 



Alnaz Jiwa wrote:


[...] The core has become rotten. History is witness to the manner in which rotten is discarded. Pir said: jem tamboli katri nakhe paan, them Swami rajo katri nakhe jamat. - Nagib Tajdin's, Dec. 26, 2011


Note: The notion that the Imam will destroy His own Jamat is absolutely ludicrous; it is simply a fabrication of Alnaz Jiwa. There is not a single line in the entire ginan literature!


The foregoing evidence demonstrate that Mahebub Chatur (bloglaw) is thus clearly an ultra fanatical supporter of Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa. They are hallucinating into believeing that their cult is on Siratal-Mustaqeem ("Path of Truth") whereas 15 millions have been led astray by an alleged forged Talika!  The evidence also suggests that Chatur unconditionally believes that the talika was forged by an impostor simply because Nagib Tajdin said so - of course without any shred of evidence!

In essence, this translates to Mahebub Chatur's attack on Imam's Talika. This attack must never go unresponded.    


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